Kodak - Hemel

Kodak - Hemel
  • Project Title.Kodak - Hemel

    Client.Dandara Construction


    Location.Hemel Hempstead


    Completion Date.March 2009


    The Kodak building in Hemel Hempstead is an 18 storey landmark building built as the U.K. head quaters of Kodak. The main tower, the ancillary buildings, carpark and private road bridge/flyover was sold for redevelopment to domestic use.

    The ancillary blocks(cinema, canteen, 3 storey car park and access road and flyover ) are to be totally demolished and foundations removed ready for new building, the existing retaining walls are to being maintained and supported as necessary.

  • The road bridge will be part demolished during two 48hour road closures where the bridge crosses the main road, other sections outside of the main site foot print will be removed locally by utilising crash deck and local hoardings.

    The main tower block has all the original concrete precast panels removed, and the top 3 level plant rooms and water tank rooms were also demolished. All internal partitions were removed. To facilitate the new layout additional openings through the core walls and some of the lower slabs were also formed with local temporary propping /bracing provided.